Xgaiga was born in the mid 1950's and grew up in the Ghanzi District.  He is married to Nxabe, also a Kuru artist. 
Xgaigais well known for his knowledge of the veld and San culture, is a good performer and instructor of traditional games, dances and music of his culture.

Xgaiga joined the Kuru Art Project in 1997 when he attended a workshop to find new artists for the project. 
His style is expressive, bold and speaks of a deep love for his culture and the Kalahari veld.  He started working with oil
on canvas but was soon introduced to the lino printing technique.  His subject matters are almost always about
the Kalahari veld, animals and plants with a link to his tradition.

Xgaiga's line and aquatint etchings have been outstanding and together with his other works have been sent
to various galleries and exhibitions worldwide.

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