usnelda was born in Oshipala near Omundangilo where she attended school.  The family then moved to Ongangola where she restarted Sub A (Grade 1) and was most upset about this.  She attended a missionary school and stayed until Std 4 (Grade 6) then attended a trade school where she learnt needlework and sewing.  Tusnelda became a teacher in the Ekoka village where she taught pre-primary and Sub A (grade 1) to the Kwagga and !Kung.  She got married and had 10 children, only 5 are alive today.  Through the years Tusnelda's art improved immensely, producing interesting designs and her paintings became very sought after. Of the workshops she said, "it's good to be serious in a workshop otherwise God would be angry with her." 1

1. The Rossing Foundation / Omba Arts Trust