Tate Simon (Simon Hamupolo) was born in Omule, south-east of Eenhana, Namibia/Angola border. 
As a boy of 8 years he worked at a cattle post for three years.  After that in 1966, he went to school at Okongo and lived
in a hostel.  After completing his Std 6 (Grade 8) he went to south Karrisberg near Noordover where he worked for three years.  In 1977 he worked as a butcher in Swakopmund, South West Africa (Namibia) and after that in 1983 got married
 in a church.  Simon is now in his mid-fifties, has 7 children and has worked odd jobs his whole life to support his family.
Simon personally thinks that those involved in the art project have changed, thinking they are going to earn an income
out of it.  He also thinks that some are not spending the money wisely.  Simon assists in communicating between
the art teacher and the other participants at the workshops as he speaks some English and Afrikaans. 
His one son, Sem has also participated in some of the workshops.

The Rossing Foundation / Omba Arts Trust


Basket,beads and wild fruit, Linocut  500mm x 540mm