Sepideh Mehraban

Sepideh Mehraban was born in Tehran, Iran. She obtained her BA (2005 – 2009) and MA (2009 – 2011) from Alzahra university (Tehran,Iran). Mehraban went on to complete her postgraduate diploma in Fine Art, with distinction,
at the Michaelis School of Fine Art (Cape Town, South Africa) in 2012, where she is currently completing
her second Master's degree. Retracing Memories: personal and public history in contemporary Iran is
Mehraban's MFA project.
Between 2007-2009 Mehraban completed a drawing course with the renowned Iranian artist, Yaghoob Amamepic
and collaborated with puppeteer director, Afsaneh Ayani, providing paintings for the set. Mehraban has also worked
as an assistant teacher in the department of painting at Michaelis School of Fine Art.

"My project looks at ways in which the marks of the past help shape perceptions of both personal and public history.
Tracing the visual marks of my past becomes the means of
retracing or remaking my understanding of it.
By retracing Iran’s turbulent history and
my personal memories, I examine the contradictions of growing up in a liberal family within the obligations of the suppressive regime of Iran during and after the revolution."

-Sepideh Mehraba