Qgõcgae was born in the early 1940's and had never held a pencil or paint brush in her hands till she started
her artistic career with the Kuru Art Project in 2005.  Even so she had the courage to test her skills together with people
much younger than her.

Sara counts herself as one of the first in her generation who have worked and earned a living on one of the freehold farms
in the Ghanzi district.  Her parents still lived as hunter-gatherers.  Sara recalls that she still dressed in her traditional
skin cloths in those years.

Sara has seen many things change during her life and she now enjoys the women artists gather in the studio
and at the same time let their creativity run wild with the bright colours.  Sara loves to depict the things that matter to her,
like her San tradition as well as the world in which she now lives.  In the few years since she started at the project,
Sara has developed into a well established Kuru artist.  Her beautiful canvases depicting traditional
 life are in much demand.

The Kuru Art Project


Tree with bags