Ndapewa is in her twenties and comes from Ongangolas.  She was born in Okongo and grew up in Ekoka.  She has
three brothers and four sisters and lives with her mother since her husband died.  She went to school till Std 3 (Grade 5)
then left to get married.  She had three children but only the middle child is alive.  Her firstborn and youngest died tragically but she has since had her4th child, named Erica Rossing Erastus and is Abraham Hamunyela's grand-daughter. 
Ndapewa has a bold style and draws well.  She paints very well and has a good sense of colour.  Ndapewa feels
very good to be part of the workshop and says drawing and painting make her heart feel good.

The Rossing Foundation / Omba Arts Trust


Matia snake hunting eggs, Linocut, 350mm x 320mm