Ncg'abe was born and grew up in the Ghanzi district.  While on the farm she met and marriedXgaiga Qhomatca, another Kuru artist.  Nxabe joined the Kuru Art Project in 1992 together with her close friend Cg'ose.  Initially their work was very similar, but they have since developed their own styles.  

Although she also makes beautiful linoleum prints, etchings and lithographs, Nxabe prefers to work with oil paint on canvas.  The large-scale canvases give her more freedom and directness, different from printmaking techniques.  She loves the strange combinations of plants, birds and other creatures like snakes and insects on her canvases.  The leaves, twigs and creatures in her art sometimes form abstract patterns with great appeal.  She also depicts beadwork patterns and the patterns shaved on animal skin aprons, which she remembers her grandmother had made.

She does not dwell on the sad memories of the hard times or the dismal living conditions of the community she lives in, but likes to relate the bright and joyous memories of her life.

She has taken part in many local and international exhibitions together with the other Kuru artists, and her work often appears in the annual calender of the Kuru Art Project. 1

1. The Kuru Art Project