Monica Trevisi’s jewellery is the product of the combination of steel and semi-precious stones, glass beads, gems and leather. The subtle brilliance of the slender bronze-coloured springs is teamed with the transparency of crystal, the colours of stones, and hammered metals, to produce contemporary pieces which convey a woman’s strength and pragmatism.
Monica Trevisi an artisanal jewellery designer who thinks and works with her hands and each creation, with its' proportions, geometry and tailored quality, is a small work of art. 
Her creations are further inspired by Filanda Motta - the laboratory in which she works. The charming complex is one of the most successful conversions of the Treviso area, a timeless place that combines modernity and tradition. It is the perfect setting to create a new style of craftsmanship which combines innovation with an old way of working.