Mary Wafer was born and grew up in Durban. After three years of study at the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg,
she relocated to Johannesburg and completed her advanced diploma in fine art at Wits University.
Wafer’s father Jeremy Wafer is a practicing South African artist which most certainly contributed to Wafer’s choice to pursue
a career in the arts. She travelled to London and Copenhagen where she worked as a gallery administrator and artist.
By 2005, Wafer had returned to South Africa to embark on her Masters of Art in fine art.

When looking at the corridors and lighting tracks, often seen on basement parking ceilings, there is a strong sense of height and space created by the effect of how light and shadow influences the overall effect of the space. She is concerned with creating a sense of that space. The works become a representation; a social and psychological space that does not necessarily occupy a physical space.

Text: David Krut


Water slip, Dry point  380mm x 440mm

Untitled circle, Dry point and aquatint  446mm x 560mm

Reflex blue, Aquatint  405mm x 400mm

Basement V, Monotype with drypoint  460mm x 650mm

Incident III, Monotype with drypoint  460mm x 650mm