"I am an urban and industrial landscape painter working mostly in oil and enamel.
I am interested in simplifying the depiction of the image. The directness of Japanese painting inspires my mark making.
It is the act of painting itself that excites me; where the image becomes a backdrop to the gestural sweep,
 the graphic mark, the blobs and smears of colour.
I seek a way through the recognizable view to locate something beyond the image and beneath the surface; a flash
 of movement in the stillness of a buildings' facade, a life lived. " - Mary Visser


Airliner, Oil on canvas  175mm x 150mm

          Composition I, Oil on canvas  175mm x 150mm                               Composition II, Oil on canvas  175mm x 150mm

Composition III, Oil on canvas  175mm x 150mm

Cone, Oil on canvas  150mm x 175mm

Drive, Oil on board  204mm x 154mm

Chairs, Oil on canvas  600mm x 600mm

City seaside, night changes, Oil and acrylic on canvas 900mm x 900mm