Lisa Firer

"Texture, layering, light, embellishment, translucency, fragility, beauty, diversity, colour, pattern and design are my aesthetic passions and explorations. I first picked up clay in 1990 and it's been a love affair ever since! From low-fired earthenware through to high-fired porcelain, from bright colour to a white palette and back again. I'm living and working in Cape Town, South Africa and am blessed to be part of a rich and vibrant community of designers, artists, makers and crafters.

Porcelain has been my particular fascination since 2000. In my work, the use of this clay is a metaphor for human existence. Porcelain is at the same time, durable and resilient and yet also able to be smashed or cracked. There is something embodied in this material about the paradox of being a human being. The combination of incredible strength and resilience and at the same time, vulnerability and uncertainty.

I am really committed to the hand-made craft object in this world of mass production and feel that the mark and energy of the maker are transferred into the work, especially with something as tactile as clay. My intention as I work, is to transfer some of the qualities of light, beauty, gentleness and the opening of the heart and spirit into my work. Through my ceramics, I share these qualities with you."  Lisa Firer



Lisa has recently collaborated with Gabrielle Raaff on a series of fragile porcelain bowls which reference the archelogical assembly of shards. Gabrielle Raaff is a painter who works predominantly in ink and watercolour. For the current Sculpture and Ceramics exhibition these two artists have joined together to create exquisite porcelain pieces.

The inspiration was drawn from the history of porcelain in Africa and its symbolic unions that were formed from the origins from the shipping vessels. Titles of the bowls are taken from the Adinka symbols of the Ivory Coast. The result is a collection of highly personalised, symbolic and individually crafted porcelain bowls.