Kg'akg'am was born in the 1950's and grew up in Ghanzi.  She has a stong personality and a lot of humour. 
As a young girl she took care of her younger sister after their mother died.  There were three sisters and one brother. 
Her father worked as a cattle herder at a cattle post on one of the freehold farms.  She often travelled between the farms where her father worked and Ghanzi where their family had settled.  She came to live in D'Kar later in her life together
with her father and three of her children.

Kg'akg'am joined the Kuru Art Project in January 2005.She is very serious about her art and loves to portray her traditions
and the Kalahari veld as she knows so well.  She enjoys all creative processes and does not seem to have any specific prefrences.  Kg'akg'am's oil paintings are bright and vibrant with interesting details.  Her approach is bold, strong
and confident.  The same applies to her lino cuts as well as her small dry point engravings.  At the end of 2008
she took part of a sculpture workshop where she worked with clay for the first time.  Again her bold approach
and complete absorption in the creative process stood out.

The Kuru Art Project


Let our wildlife multiply, Reduction linocut

The desert female gemsbok, Reduction linocut