Katunga Carimbwe was born in 1958 in Angola.  His childhood was spent with his parents in Mavinga, where they
made a living hunting and gathering veld food.  He was later employed by the Portuguese military for more than a decade
and during the 1970's became a tracker for the South African Defence Force.

The work of Katunga's imagination is a healing force in his life.  Through his art, he journey's to a place where he feels
at home and finds food for his spirit.  "I am a farmer in my artwork, like my father was.  He also had cattle and goats. 
He planted food and I saw him do that.  This is why I draw, I see these things.  My father made everything we needed: containers for honey, bows, arrows.  Then I thought when I grow up I will continue this work.  The carved chairs
and the small wooden animals were the most beautiful things he made.  My artwork comes from there."