Judy Woodborne

Judy Woodborne is a printmaker and painter based in Cape Town, South Africa. Born in Cape Town 1966.
She obtained her B.A.F.A from Michaelis School of Fine Art in 1988 and an advanced Diploma in Printmaking awarded
with Distinction in 1989. She was awarded her Masters of Fine Arts Degree with Distinction from the University of Cape Town in 1993 with a dissertation entitled Moria, a Eulogy of Folly.
She was the resident artist and administrator of Hard Ground Printmakers Workshop from 1993 until its closure in 2005.
She currently runs her own studio, sharing premises with two other resident artists, Julia Teale and Paul Burchill,
forming the Spencer Street Studio in Salt River, Cape Town. She specialised in the technique of copperplate etching
and has equipped her etching studio not only to produce her own works, but to teach the tradition of etching techniques.
She has travelled and visited many printmaking workshops in the United Kingdom France, Germany and Austria
and has travelled as far south as Tierra del Fuego and the Antarctic Peninsula, surviving Drake's Passage in the process.
Woodborne has spent some time working in various printmaking workshops such as the Grafische Werkstatt im Traklhaus,
as well as taking part in collaborative printmaking portfolios with artist/curator Jan Jordaan, working on
the "Break the Silence" HIV Campaign, as well as the Art for Humanity, Woman Artists supporting Childrens' Rights Campaign. Other projects include the Playing Card Portfolio curated by Veerle Rooms, Belgium in collaboration with the Playing Card Museum, Kasterlee, the "Body Politic" portfolio of colour etchings produced in collaboration with Prof. Teresa Cole, Tulane University, USA. She curated and published a portfolio of 16 etchings, "Exquisite Corpse", based on the theme of Adam
and Eve, in collaboration with 7 participating artists. The portfolio was sponsored by Sanlam,
and selected for the Klein Karoo Kunsfees 2009.
Her main inspiration comes from various trips she has undertaken around the world. Travel to Hong Kong, the south of China and Zanzibar have inspired her recent works: The Elements, a series of paintings representing earth, air, fire and water.

"Water is equated with wisdom, as the Daoist image of water always finding its way around obstacles. Restless water is a Buddhist symbol of the impermanence of all things; still water symbolizes meditative insight. In psychoanalysis it represents the depth of the unconscious.... And water also divides the worlds of the living and the dead, of the natural and the supernatural."
[from: Dictionary of Symbols in Myth, Art and Literature. Editor: Jack Tresidder]

Text:  The Cape Gallery and Judy Woodborne

Available works

Crow and Adam, from the Alternative history series, Multiple etchings printed on the index pages of a World Atlas
495mm x 625mm

Alternative History V, Etching  580mm x 380mm  

                                               Adam                                                                             Eve with four hermitic symbols,
                           Etching, 580mm x 380mm                                                Woven paper etching, mono print, chine colle  
                                                                                                                                                 395mm x 570mm