John Newdigate

"I have worked as a professional artist and ceramist since 1991, exploring the properties of many
different materials, including metal, paper, fibre, plastic, paint and clay.  In ceramics I have specialised
mostly in high-fired translucent carved porcelain and reduction-fired celadon glazes. My work is mostly
functional, as it enriches day-to-day life, bringing art and design, imagination and inspiration into
otherwise ordinary moments.

I do not believe in being different for difference 's sake; instead I have respect for tradition, without being bound to it.

The most important theme in my work, and my constant inspiration, is the ever-changing sea, which has always fascinated me - not just the creatures
in it, but also the interplay of light and water. From the ordered chaos of white horses on a choppy sea
to the synergy of a school of anchovies, there seems to be enough inspiration in and around the sea
and its shores to last many lifetimes.

My current location in a small town at the foot of a great mountain has led to the introduction of new
terrestrial themes.

Recent works explore some of the possibilities of abstract design: combining randomness
with structure, examining the relationship between sharp and blurry lines, and the interplay
between colour and pattern in oxide painted earthenware and high fired blue and white porcelain.

The purpose of these images is to give an insight into what triggers ideas in my mind - it could be the
literal interpretation of a tangible object, or an emotion that is evoked by it.