Hendelina was born in Oshana, north of Okongo.  She moved to her grandparents in Ekoka where her mother still lives. 
She has 5 brothers and 3 sisters.  Hendelinais in her late twenties, is married with two children and still lives with her grandmother.  She is determined, focused and enthusiastic with a sense of humour and boldness about her work.  
Hendelina has the potential to develop into a strong artist.  She is more experimental than the other female artists
and is a good lino-cutter, not afraid to experiment with the new medium.  Hendelina says she feels committed
to the project and she's hoping to get money for food and soap for her family.

The Rossing Foundation / Omba Arts Trust


Snake chasing a cow, Linocut  440mm x 355mm


Impala-with-Snake, Linocut,  500mm x 360mm

Hard working girl, Linocut  355mm x 500mm