Heather Mills

Heather started her artistic career working with Glass Blower Adi Fredman at Gold Reef City, Johannesburg. ln 1998 she graduated with a Bachelor ofTechnology Degree in Ceramic Design from the Witwatersrand Technikon (now University of Johannesburg). She did an internship at Anthony Shapiro's ceramic studio. Her first solo exhibition in 2000 held at Cavendish Square in Cape Town, and in 2002 she held her first exhibition at the Kim Sacks Gallery in Johannesburg. Heather also completed her BA in Art History and English in 2004.

Heather's focus is hand thrown ceramics. This work is delicately and skillfully thrown on the wheel, using white stoneware clay. An accomplished decorator, she uses the sgraffito technique to create intricate, gentle and subtle etchings. Texture is introduced by applying pearl like protrusions on the surface of the clay. Heather has exhibited her work widely throughout South Africa, as well as internationally. Heather received a merit award for a selection of her jugs at the African Earth Exhibition in 2002. She was also selected as a finalist for her group of filigree vases in the prestigious Brett Kebble Art Awards in 2004 in Cape Town. Heather currently works from her studio in Fish Hoek, Cape Town and in her part-time is pursuing business studies and collaborations with Christo Giles.