Gail Catlin

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The inescapable power and vibrancy of Gail Catlin's work has earned her a reputation as one of South Africa's most spirited and compelling artistic innovators. Her work is represented in all the major public art museums and corporate collections in South Africa and she has been invited to exhibit in France, Russia, England, Germany and America. 

Gail is the first artist in the world to exploit Liquid Crystal as the basis for her artistic creation. This highly sensitive, scientific, substance responds immediately to changing intensities of temperature and light with dramatic shifts of colour, reflectivity  and sheen. Thereby it has enabled Gail to create a constantly changing, live pictorial surface. Its dynamic chromatic and luminary mutations inject added visual drama and excitement to the artists chosen themes the life of the isolated African desert, the burning sun, the landscapes, the huge variety of wildlife and the endless cycles of hunting, killing and devouring.

Gail's personal contribution to world art is that her works have achieved a kind of metastasis the ability of the artwork to escape fixity and to constantly transform itself like a kaleidoscope. She has achieved this by simultaneously being an alchemist, scientist, magician and artist.

Gail has produced a unique body of work, not only in terms of her abstract imagery and dramatic chromatic effects, but also because of the lively responsiveness of her artworks to the viewer. The paintings literally 'dance', reaching to body temperature or a passing cloud, the effect as the crystals warm and cool is mesmerizing. It refracts the light in different directions akin to a brilliant faceted diamond. Her canvas of choice is glass, which enhances the translucent quality of the crystal. Working mainly from the reverse side, Gail builds her mirror image layer by layer with the dexterity and confidence of an accomplished artist who is at one with her medium.

Text:  Gail Catlin

Public Collections :
South African National Gallery, Cape Town
Johannesburg Art Gallery
Pretoria Art Museum
Durban Art Gallery
Pietersburg Art Gallery
Stellenbosch University Collection
South African Reserve Bank Collection
South African Department of Education and Training, Pretoria
South African Reserve Bank, Pretoria
Public Library Collection, Cape Town
Good Hope Bank of South Africa, Cape Town
Royal College of Art, London
Pulitzer Collection, America
Standard Bank Collection, Johannesburg

National / International Collections :
1979:  Cape Town Biennial - South African National Gallery
1981:  South African Republic Day Festival - Durban
1981:  First Cape Town Triennial - South African National Gallery
1985:  Women Artist of South Africa - South African National Gallery
1989:  South African Women Paper Exhibition
1990:  Standard Bank National Drawing Competition
1991:  Grand Prix International Des arts Plastiques - Nice (France)
Award winner for landscape category
1993:  Momentum Art - Biennial - South Africa
1994:  Grand Prix International Des arts Plastiques - Nice (France) Award winner
1995:  Travelling Exhibition representing South Africa, Russia and America
1998:  Art Beyond Borders - Rathaus Augsburg, Germany
1999:  One woman solo show - South African Embassy, London
1999:  Solo show - Osborne studio's, London