available work

"My photographic work is primarily a form of social commentary." Dave Roberston

An award winner at the Spier Contemporary 2010 for a documentary photographic project focusing on informal recyclers in Newtown, Johannesburg.

Best known for a series of expressionist, hand-painted photographs of township scenes in Southern Africa which were exhibited at galleries in Germany, the Netherlands and at �Photo LA 2004�  in Los Angeles, USA.  More recently Dave's work has been exhibited by several galleries in South Africa including the Irma Stern Museum, the Bell-Roberts Gallery, Kalk Bay Modern, Focus Contemporary and Kim Sacks Gallery.

Recent  Exhibitions:

2011:      concrete trails urban tales, Worldart Gallert, Cape Town.
2010:      Point of Focus, (Group show),Kalk Bay Modern, Cape Town.
              Bonani Africa Festival, Group show, Cape Town.
              Spier Contemporary 2010 : Award Winner for 'Paper Trails' documentary series.
2009:      Spirit of Ubuntu, Group show, Exposure Gallery, Cape Town.
2008:      Rain, Focus Contemporary Gallery, Cape Town.
2007:      Abstract Egypt, Focus Contemporary Gallery, Cape Town.
              CT 24, Group show, Focus Contemporary Gallery, Cape Town.
2005:      Remember, Irma Stern Gallery, Cape Town.
2004:      De Dependance, Smelik & Stokking, Den Haag, Netherlands.
              PhotoLA 2004, The Perfect Exposure Gallery, LA, USA.
2001:      Collaborative art, The Upstairs Gallery, Cape Town.
              Absolut Cape Town, Group show, Pinnacle Building, Cape Town.
2000:      Metaphysical photography, Upstairs Gallery, Cape Town.
              Collaboration, Group show, Bell-Roberts Gallery, Cape Town.
1999:      Colour Spirit, Jazz Radio Station, Berlin, Germany.
              Exhibition of lithographs: Kim Sacks Gallery, Johannesburg.
1998:      Colour Spirit, Marzahn Library, Berlin, Germany.
              Colour Spirit, ARTCO, Leipzig, Germany.
              Colour Spirit, Jojo Centre, Berlin, Germany.
              Colour Spirit, Ariadne Gallery, Pamos, Cyprus.