Stephen Croeser

The current paintings follow seven years of working predominantly in ink and other mediums on paper. I had been working
in oil paint and was stuck by how dramatically materials affect ones working process. Smaller works on paper allowed more territory to be covered in less time. Granted, more works were discarded, but the viscosity and nature of the medium certainly lent itself to a more prolific output.

“I have submitted paintings that were either executed concurrently with the ink works or re-worked paintings that have been impacted on by what was discovered during that time. A wordless dialogue between two very different mediums
 over what is now many years.”

Available works

                        Untitled                                                     Door study II                                                             Untitled
                                                             Oil and marble dust on board  306mm x 365mm


Untitled                                                           Untitled                                                             Untitled  
Ink and shellac on paper  295mm x 420mm

Untitled                                                             Untitled                                                                   Untitled   
Ink and shellac on paper  295mm x 420mm

                    Untitled, Ink and shellac on paper                                                           Untitled, Oil on canvas                                     
295mm x 420mm                                                                             400mm x 500mm