Clare Menck

Clare Menck has been painting passionately for more than twenty years, focusing on subject matter which at first glance appears to be the obvious and familiar yet on closer inspection and engagement with medium paint reveals a fresh
and life affirming vision of the environments around us. Menck documents her own personal life which bears witness
to the challenges and demands of balancing motherhood, family life and the desire to persue a career as a professional
and independent artist. She focuses on what she is most familiar with: herself pondering, wondering, swimming;
the persons she knows and loves, her children, close encounters and the environments she works in.
Menck has refined her skills of observation, toiled with the images of other artists such Lucian Freud, Gwen John, Antonio Lopez Garcia, Gerard Ter Borg and Gustave Courbet, to name but a few, to develop an approach
and vision the engages the eye, heart and mind of any viewer.

Available work

                       Bather striding in shallow water                                                                               Blue torso
                        Mono print  335mm x 315mm                                                                  Mono print  330mm x 355mm

Blue swimmer II, Mono print  323mm x 340mm

Blue swimmer III, Monoprint  538mm x 380mm

Blue swimmer IV, Mono print  538mm x 380mm

Solitary figure, Mono print  525mm x 405mm

Swimmer in Karoo plaasdam, Mono print  400mm x 310mm

The artists daughter at sunset, Mono print  323mm x 340mm 

The artists daughter dreaming, Mono print  323mm x 340mm

Lost in thought, Etching  315mm x 250mm

Windhond 1, Lino cut  300mm x 420mm

Windhond 2, Lino cut  420mm x 300mm