Christina Bryer

"Since early childhood my work has been geometrical, later becoming conceptual and symbolic; never representational, emotional or gestural.

In the grid of 'Aperiodic Tiling', as first explained mathematically by Roger Penrose in his article 'Pentaplexity' in 1972, I found the highest geometries.  Phi relations apply on all levels: The same geometry can be found in a cross-section of a strand of DNA, and hence has been called "the geometry of life".  It has also been referred to as a slice through 5th dimensional hyper-space - "the geometry of the cosmos".  Whilst never deviating in my work from the mathematical principles of 'Pentaplexity', I find that the slightest variations in rendering these patterns, continually reveal new aspects, fresh views all manifestations of the universal continuum, integrated within the cosmic whole."  Christina Bryer

Christina Bryer has been a designer/jeweller for over 30 years. In 2000 she started her ceramic career. Since then she has had numerous group exhibitions of her porcelain Mandalas, won awards and is represented in many collections.