Christiaan Diedericks

Energetic, healthy, professional and self-motivated practising contemporary artist, educator and creative development specialist
with proven facilitation skills and experience in education, soft skills, technical skills and (project) management skills, as well as extensive experience in the specific areas of new media, printmaking, graphic design, creative process and also the design, implementation
and facilitation of curriculum programmes in-line with national qualification Initiatives.

Inherent ability to collaborate effectively within a team in order to realise organisational objectives through transformational leadership. Motivator with well developed communication and interpersonal skills and commitment to excellence in art practice, research,
education and conceptual development.

"In many ways I aim to ‘rewrite’ history in my work and the dominant sense of self-awareness that informs most Western art practices.
I am trying to present contemporary issues such as Difference as timeless, by situating my vocabulary of images and themes
in an organic flux of dreams, history, news, commercial detritus, hyper-reality, and unvoiced feelings and forces
of biological nature/desire." Christiaan Diedericks, 
October 2012


Dance macabre - Cellular memory I,  Lithograph  505mm x 855

Life below the surface - Cellular memory II,  Lithograph   855mm x 505mm

The silent evolution - cellular memory III, Lithograph  505mm x 855mm

Voyeur, Monoprint  530mm x 570mm