Cg'ose was born in 1950 in Kalkfontein in the Ghanzi district.  Like all Kuru artists she has a deep love and longing
for the Kalahari bush where she grew up.  

In her work Cg'ose likes to depict the daily work of the San women, like collecting veldfood, or the plants and birds
of the Kalahari.  All these things as well as her rounded human figures symbolize for her the bounty of the Kalahari
after the good rains.  Her paintings are constructed of flat planes, alternated by linear elements.  She likes to repeat
the same pattern and her style suits the brightly coloured lino cuts and lithographs she creates.

The peak of her career as an artist came in 1997, when one of her paintings was included in the British Airways'
new corporate image.  The painting was reproduced on the tailfins of eight of the larger aircrafts.  Through this her name
and the name of her country, Botswana, were carried to all four corners of the world.

In 1999 Cg'ose was selected to join three other artists from Kuru and four American Indian artists in a printmaking workshop at the Tamarind Institute in New Mexico, USA.  Together they produced a series of prints around the theme of the trickster.  For Cg'ose this was a great and valuable experience. Two of her paintings have also been selected to be included in a series of new stamps that was released by the Botswana postal service. 1

1. The Kuru Art Project