Cgoma was born in 1958 on a farm near Ghanzi.  Her parents moved to D'Kar when she was a child. 
Cgoma still lives in D"Kar where she has tried all kinds of small jobs to sustain herself and her six children.

In 2001 she attended an embroidery workshop at Kuru and has since then produced several beautiful pieces
of embroidery.  She is very free when making her embroidery and starts on the cloth without much planning ahead. 
Although some other people also make embroideries in D'Kar, Cgoma's are unique as she is the only one using
the age-old craft of ostrich eggshell beadwork in her embroideries.

 In January 2005 Cgoma officially joined the Kuru Art Project.  She loves painting and printmaking.  Her natural sense
of colour and design is obvious in the unusual colour combinations and attention to patterns and textures in her work. 
She finishes each piece to perfection and if not satisfied with the outcome, she repaints the canvas and starts again.

The Kuru Art Project


Elephant and porcupine 

Crocodile and baby, Oil on canvas  700mm x 460mm

Owl and dove, Oil on canvas  650mm x 375mm