Born 1968 and based in Cape Town, Abraham interrogates conventional roles of women in the domestic institutions of marriage and religion. Abraham references her personal experience as a pivotal point of departure for her evolving look
at these ideas. Abraham has been exhibiting since 2008 in Cape Town and Johannesburg and has work in private
and public collections locally and internationally.

Since 1998 Abraham has been in private tuition with Lindy Solomon of the ASTAR method and Rosenclaire; an interesting combination of process driven, art historical, and purist methodology. This in conjunction with her study of performance
 and the teachings and material of her domestic life (married for 19 years and a mother of four teenagers)have informed
the foundation of her practice.

Abraham works in mixed media with domestic materials; tea, coffee, wine, ink, bleach, household paints often mixed
with conventional art materials. Conceptually, she references the domestic material that surrounds her and articulates
and questions the details that she encounters in her life, shining a light on these as themes that run through her work. Unearthing personal history and engaging her life expectations, Abraham works with old family films, images, furniture
and other inherited relics.


You take my breath away, Ink on paper  570mm x 765mm