Beezy Bailey

Beezy Bailey was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He received a degree in Fine Art from Byam Shaw School of Art
 in London in 1986. Born of the frustration of ‘increasingly prevalent affirmative action’ in the art world,
Bailey submitted two artworks for a triennial exhibition in 1991. One was with the traditional Beezy Bailey signature (rejected), and the other signed Joyce Ntobe, a female alter-ego Bailey had created for himself. The latter now enjoys
an honoured place in the Iziko South African National Gallery as part of its permanent collection.
When the curator of the Gallery wanted to write a paper about three black women artists, Joyce Ntobe being one,
Bailey let the cat out the bag, which caused a huge media scandal.

Other scandals to have attracted international media coverage have been Bailey’s conversion of the statue
of Boer commander Louis Botha outside parliament in Cape Town into a Khoza initiate, and more recently
his rendition of Christ removed from the cross as a dancing Jesus, celebrating His resurrection.

Bailey has been the driving force behind several art auctions, such as the Art for Africa auctions that benefitted Ikamva Labantu among others. Raising over R2.5 million with auctions held in Cape Town, Johannesburg and London,
a fourth Art for Africa auction is to take place in New York later this year. The New York auction will bring together,
for the first time, works by leading contemporary South African and UK artists under the name of Art for Africa.

text: Everard Read

Available works


Marmalade man, Multimedia  630mm x 820mm

Silver fields, Screen print  995mm x 705mm


After dinner walk, Colour etching,  283mm x 390mm

Tight rope walker, Angle grinder on Masonite, print on Arches paper  1080mm x 1585mm 

Ratatat, Screen print from charcoal  560mm x 765mm

Three angels, Mono print  560mm x 615mm  

Grey lady, Oil and enamel on paper  585mm x 445mm 


Breast man a comfortable place to stand, Colour etching,  196mm x 283mm


Dancers, Colour etching,  284mm x 390mm


Fishermen's prayer, Colour etching,  196mm x 283mm


Flying man Sam, Colour etching,  196mm x 283mm


Landscape face, Colour etching,  196mm x 283mm


Little girl with moon, Colour etching,  285mm x 394mm


Mermaids, Colour etching,  395mm x 280mm


Moon flight 2, Colour etching,  196mm x 281mm


Propel head, Colour etching,  283mm x 390mm


Rain man, Colour etching,  196mm x 283mm


Sky man Sam, Colour etching,  382mm x 286mm


Stealing UFO's, Colour etching,  390mm x 283mm