Bambo Sibiya

Bambo is a South African artist from Kwa Thema, Springs near Johannesburg. He studied art at the Benoni Technical college and afterwards studied the printing professional development programme at the Artist Proof Studio in Johannesburg. In 2012 he won the Gerard Sekoto award and an artist residency at the Cité des Arts in Paris. It was during this residency
 that Atelier le Grand Village edited its first series of Bambo's lithographs on the theme of the Swenkas.

Text - Atelier le Grand Village


Tebeho, Saint Germaine, Lithograph  380mm x 490mm

Amos, Rebelle de la Mode, Lithograph, 490mm x 380mm

Hustlers and Shakers, Lithograph, 490mm x 380mm

Memories of a Swenka, Lithograph, 490mm x 380mm

Afternoon after work, Lithograph, 350mm x 500mm

Ken and Isaac, Lithograph, 360mm x 300mm


The stylish shepherd, Lithograph, 350mm x 500mm


The watchers, Lithograph, 350mm x 500mm