Nowicki was born in the town of Kielce in Poland and came to South Africa with his family at the age of eight.
By putting a new spin on comic book imagery, Nowicki creates strange and sometimes disturbing landscapes
in which the past and the present appear to exist simultaneously. He claims to have been quite a solitary
child who was always immersed in some tale of adventure – usually of a comic-book nature – and believes
 that his work is still heavily influenced by the images he consumed at that time. Often the comic-books
of his youth were in a language he was not able to read, but rather than becoming frustrated, Nowicki
simply made up his own stories appropriate to the pictures – something that, to a large extent, he still does
in his art practice today. Nowicki takes viewers on an artistic journey of exploration into the fantastical
spaces of memory and imagination. Characteristic bluesy compositions feature singular figures in strange,
indeterminate places and reveal open-ended narratives containing multiple interpretations; each one dependent
on individual viewer experience.

Text:  David Krut


Untitled tank guy, Sugar lift aquatint, drypoint   385mm x 280mm

Converging in the quiet, Sugar lift aquatint, drypoint   385mm x 280mm

Secrets, Sugar lift aquatint, drypoint,  385mm x 280mm

Green snake woman, Linocut